Redefining Forest Governance and Environment Management

We are mentoring result-oriented and focused individuals with interest in the natural resource to promote an inter-disciplinary approach to natural resource and environmental governance

How can we help you?

SIMAL is highly experienced in the contractual, managerial, operational and financial aspects of external, client-funded contracts and projects. Our key competencies are outlined below:

Environmental Governance

We render services in the field of natural resource and environmental governance and management

Policy Development

Our team is well versed with policy analysis and development with several years of experience and expertise.

Multi-stakeholder dialogue

We help you engage in multi-stakeholder dialogue and deliberative processes that help transform your organisation.

Impact Assessment

We provide services in environmental and social impact assessment to assist our clients how their offerings are affecting their beneficiaries.

Marketing Services

We offer marketing services for trade in wood products. Expand your customer base by relying on us to do the talking while you do the selling.

Shipping & Logistics

SIMAL also has expertise in shipping and logistics. We serve clients all over Ghana and the world at large. You relax, we deliver and you prosper.


SIMAL has over the years provided consultancy services using its wide network of experts in diverse fields. 

Our Clients

We have provided expert services and support to the organisations that serve nations and communities.

Meet Our Leadership

Our team has strong background and experience in natural resource governance and management, policy analysis and development, project management, shipping and logistics, marketing and communication.

Alhassan Nantogmah Attah

CEO, Lead Consultant

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We respond quickly and flexibly to clients’ and partners’ needs and requests as they arise, whilst maintaining and ensuring quality assurance support in managing the network of consultants.